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The NABC is an independent body organised to support and develop the BEE consulting industry.

We aim to promote good practice, ethics and high standards among the members.

Few Words About Us

The National Association of BEE Consultants

Members of the NABC are practicing Professional consultants in the field of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment.

We add and receive value in regular cooperation with the DTI team and with ABVA (the Association of Verification Agencies).

Background to NABC

It is generally agreed that the process of equalizing and integrating economic participation for all in SA is
enormously important. It is therefore essential that the design and management of the process be of high
quality. There are three groups of persons professionally involved in the BEE transformation process, namely:
- The staff of the DTI;
- Verification agents (members of ABVA etc.); and
- BEE consultants

The complexity of the BEE codes makes it impractical if not impossible for most small and medium sized
businesses to organise their own BEE affairs and it is clear that this was an area where the services of consultants
are needed.

When the BEE process started, a number of reputable persons from various existing professions such as lawyers,
accountants and business consultants set up their own services to assist businesses in developing and assessing
their BEE status. Unfortunately, for some others it became purely a money-making opportunity to be exploited
by them, because there was no coordination, no training and no attempt at quality assurance. As a result some
clients were severely misled and some also lost money. The public image of BEE suffered damage and it became
clear that a self-regulating association was badly needed.

The NABC was therefore formed to introduce coordination, training, information and a measure of quality
assurance to our members and their clients as well as to protect the BEE process and its important economic
objectives for the country.

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